Grooming Rates grooming salon 2022

The Fluffy Bunny XL:      € 53,-

Full grooming session

(Brushing and trimming fur, untangling, removing/shaving matted fur, removing sticky poo, nail trimming, giving advice)


The Fluffy Bunny:           € 43,-

Regular grooming session

(Brushing and trimming fur, untangling, nail trimming)


The Smart Bunny:         € 33,-

Within two months after the last grooming session at The Fluffy Bunny or when only a haircut is needed

(Brushing and trimming fur, nail trimming)


Nail trimming:              €  10,-


ATTENTION: Shaving a fully matted rabbit: € 100,-


Two rabbits or more: € 5,- discount per rabbit.


When cancelling an appointment within 24 hours before it was due to take place, I'll charge 100% of the XL grooming session costs.


When a client doesn't turn up for an appointment at the salon, I'll charge 100% of a full XL grooming session.


You can pay cash or I can send you a Tikkie, payment is due at the end of the grooming session. Creditcards are not accepted. 



Middenweg 233

1098 AP  Amsterdam


Ookmeerweg 271

1067 SP  Amsterdam


Tel: 06-83101130


KvK-nummer: 70005583


BTW-nummer: NL001599353B17