Grooming at home

If you have no means of transport or your rabbit is uncomfortable with travel, I can also groom at your home. I’ll bring my grooming table and kit. Although I don’t need a lot of space, there must be enough to install my table. I also need proper lighting. 

Only a full grooming session ( The Fluffy Bunny XL) is possible at home. If  your rabbit needs a maintenance session you can come to the salon, at home a full grooming session wil be charged.


You can choose to be present during the grooming session at home, if you wish. Children are also invited to watch, if they don’t make the rabbit too nervous. 


My work range is some 25 kilometres around Amsterdam. 


I also groom cats. For more information, go to or call me via: 06-47450692


Ookmeerweg 271

1067 SP  Amsterdam

Tel: 06-83101130


KvK-nummer: 70005583

BTW-nummer: NL001599353B17