About me

My name is Marie and I am the owner of rabbit grooming salon The Fluffy Bunny. I also work as a cat groomer under the name The Happy Cat, Vacht en Gedrag. Grooming cats is one of my passions, which is why I decided to expand my knowledge and expertise at the Regional Information Centre for Rabbits.

I work in a fur-friendly and rabbit-friendly way. This means that when I sense the rabbit is experiencing too much stress, I stop grooming and continue my work another time.

I have gained many years of experience with pets at the largest animal shelter in Amsterdam (DOA) and completed various professional training courses in the field of animal care.




Middenweg 233

1098 AP  Amsterdam


Ookmeerweg 271

1067 SP  Amsterdam



Tel: 06-83101130


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BTW-nummer: NL001599353B17